Important perspectives from two experienced pain physicians.

One article represents the formal CDC comments about the new draft guidelines; the other reflects on the harm of under treatment of serious pain.

These two articles are by experienced pain physicians who treat patients with complex and serious pain. The first article by Dr. Lynn Webster, CDC Revised Opioid Prescribing Guideline Falls Short of What People in Pain Need, shares his detailed formal comments submitted to the CDC regarding the draft opioid guidelines. This article requires a free subscription to Pain Medicine News.

The second article by Dr. Antje Barreveld, As a pain physician, I may have caused more harm by underprescribing opioids, reflects on her perspective on the potential harm of underprescribing opioids for some patients with serious pain.

Dr. Webster's CDC draft opioid guidelines comments

Dr. Barreveld's article about the risk of underprescibing opioids