About the Mass Pain Initiative

Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Pain Initiative (MassPI) is a statewide, independent non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to alleviating needless suffering from persistent and acute pain and to improving the quality of life for all people affected by pain.

MassPI is able to…

  1. Conduct education programs about pain management for health care professionals
  2. Raise community awareness about pain
  3. Work with others to assure laws and regulations support effective pain management
  4. Identify resources for pain management

MassPI is unable to

  1. Advise, treat or provide care for individuals with pain

History of Mass Pain Initiative

In the late 1980s, the Massachusetts Cancer Pain Initiative (MassPI) was formed and remained active for almost ten years. For financial reasons, the initiative was not able to survive. In 2000, the New England Division of the American Cancer Society was awarded a three-year grant from the Stratford Foundation in order to develop the New England Pain Relief Project. A meeting held in August 2002, representing interests across the Commonwealth, revived the Massachusetts project. Recognizing the critical public health need to treat pain from all sources, the group voted to expand its charter to include all pain, and to adopt the name, Massachusetts Pain Initiative. Until early 2014, MassPI operated within the American Cancer Society. In May of 2014, MassPI became an affiliate of HopeHealth, Hyannis, MA and continued a strong partnership with HopeHealth until we each decided that our focus of activities would be better served if we did so independently.

In late 2019, MassPI became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We continue to be committed to alleviating pain and the suffering it causes through our policy, legislative, and regulatory work in Massachusetts and even at the national policy level. We also conduct education conferences for healthcare professionals on a variety of pain management-related topics each year. These conferences provide important information as well as healthcare professional continuing education credits.

Join MassPI

Benefits of Membership

  • Free membership - simply complete the form under "Contact us" or email us at info@masspaininitiative.org
  • Access to an informative website
  • Access to resources about pain management
  • Educational programs
  • Periodic news updates
  • Opportunities to serve on councils and committees
  • Opportunity for personal and professional growth, and to improve leadership skills and network with professionals from all walks of life
  • Links to other organizations

For more information about MassPI, send an e-mail to info@masspaininitiative.org.