Steering Council Members and Their Bios

The Massachusetts Pain Initiative Steering Council is comprised of a group of volunteer leaders that bring together a variety of professional expertise and related experiences. We have or have had currently practicing pain management nurses, recently retired pain management nurses, physicians, academic educators, researchers, consultants, social workers, physical therapists, and pain patients. The current Steering Council leaders continue this tradition of diverse expertise, experiences, and backgrounds to meet the mission of MassPI.

Steering Council Co-Chairs

Ann Marie Harootunian, RN, MS, FNP
Steering Council Co-Chair
Boston Suburbs – Southwest (Norfolk County)

Pain Management Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who has served on the MassPI Steering Council since its inception in 1999 and she has been co-chair since 2009. Ann Marie has been active in practicing pain management professionally since 1992 where she has seen the growth of this specialty through many critical junctures, She is a member of the American Society of Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN) since 1996, served on several national committees, is a founding member of the ASPMN Eastern Mass Chapter, and has served as an officer of the Chapter since its beginning. As a member of MassPI, Ann Marie has presented numerous educational programs in her work environment as well as in the community. She has dedicated her work to relieving pain throughout her nursing career.

Claire Sampson, RN-BC
Steering Council Co-Chair
Past Co-Chair of the Membership Council
Western MA (Hampden/Hampshire Counties)

Board Certified Nurse Clinician in pain management who works in a hospital-based pain management practice helping patients to manage their pain. Claire joined MassPI in 2003 and has been co-chair of the Steering Council since 2011. MassPI activities included providing Power Over Pain educational programs for public and professional groups and co-chair of the Membership Council. MassPI’s mission aligns with her professional goals of reducing needless suffering from pain.

"Failing to treat pain brushes perilously close to inflicting it." David Morris, The Culture of Pain

Education Council Co-Chairs

Mary Jane Estrada-Lyder, MSN, RN, ANP-BC
Education Council Co-Chair
Boston Suburbs – West (Middlesex County)

Board certified, nurse practitioner on a pain and palliative care hospital-based service focusing on patients dealing with complex pain conditions. MJ has been involved in many aspects of hospital and clinic-based pain management, including overseeing other nurse practitioners, involvement in staff education, policy making and research for her organizations and a preceptor for NP and pharmacy students at several Boston area colleges. Her professional interests are chronic pain, non-pharmacological therapies, and improving patient functioning. She joined MassPI as a member of the Education Council, and in 2018 she became the co-chair of the Education Council, leading the development and management of MassPI's popular professional education conferences.

Gina Muyuela, MSN, PCCN
Education Council Co-Chair
Boston Suburbs – Southwest (Norfolk County)

Gina works as an In-Patient Nurse Educator and a Pain Champion co-chair. Gina's involvement with MassPI started after being invited to attend a conference several years ago. After that, she began helping at the conferences that followed. As a unit-based educator, she is active in guiding nurses through the management and treatment of patients in pain. She teaches nurses how to provide optimal patient comfort for faster healing and recovery. Gina's interests include racial and ethnic disparities in acute and chronic pain management, as applied to both in-patient and community settings.

Policy Council Chair

Cindy Steinberg, BA, BS
Policy Council Chair
Boston Suburbs – Northwest (Middlesex County)

Chair of the Policy Council since 2009. Cindy has led MassPI to become an important voice for pain management in the legislative and executive branches of government. Her expertise as a pain advocate and knowledge of pain management policy has contributed within MA and nationally. She was appointed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to serve on his Opioid Working Group and subsequently as a Commissioner on the Massachusetts Drug Formulary Commission. She was appointed by the US Secretary of Health and Human Services to serve on the HHS Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force and was an invited witness before the U.S. Senate HELP Committee 2019 hearing on “Managing Pain During the Opioid Crisis." Her dedication to pain advocacy was sparked when she sustained a severe crush injury that left her with daily back pain.

Communications and Web Council Chair; Webmaster

Cyndie Rodman, MS
Communications and Web Council Chair

Western MA (Hampden County)

Senior business executive with a background in general management, marketing, PR, market research, and new product development in leading consumer and business-to-business companies. With a MS degree in Pain Research, Education & Policy from Tufts University School of Medicine, Cyndie combines her extensive experience as an executive with her academic and personal interest in improving the knowledge of pain and access to appropriate pain management. Member of the MassPI Steering Council since 2008 and Communications Council Chair since 2009. Cyndie led MassPI’s major pain research study and was a recipient of the Association of State Pain Initiatives State Champion Award in 2010 for her leadership on the MassPI survey and communications initiatives.


Kathy DellaPenna, MSW, LCSW
Past Administrative Coordinator
Worcester Suburbs – East (Worcester County)

Served as the Administrative Coordinator for MassPI for 10 years. Since 2013, Kathy has been MassPI's Treasurer. During this time she completed a master of social work degree (MSW) and is licensed as a LCSW while preparing for her more advanced social work license.


Peggy Flood, MS, RN NC-BC
Past Professional Education Council Chair
Eastern MA (Middlesex County)

Retired Board Certified Oncology and Pain Management Clinical Nurse Specialist with over forty years of experience. One of the original members of MassPI since it was reactivated in 1999. Peggy chaired the Professional Education Council and was involved with creating and presenting MassPI’s Power Over Pain presentation given to health professional audiences. Member of the American Society of Pain Management Nurses (ASPMN) and the ASPMN Massachusetts chapter.

Christopher Joyce, PT, DPT, PhD
Boston/Worcester (Middlesex/Worcester Counties)

MassPI welcomes our newest member. Chris brings a new and valuable persective from his work and expertise in physical therapy and pain management. He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Therapy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) where he teaches courses in Evidence Based Practice, Pain and Modalities, and Therapeutic Exercise. His research agenda is focused on musculoskeletal pain, psychosocial factors of pain, and enhancing care delivery for patients in pain. He co-chaired the formation of the Pain Special Interest Group in the Massachusetts chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Ginger Newell-Stokes, MS, RN
Past Steering Council Chair, Past Treasurer
Western MA (Franklin County)

Played a key strategic role in the relaunch of MassPI with Carol Curtiss and others in 1999, then served as Chairperson and later as Treasurer. She has lectured extensively on pain and pain management and has implemented pain management innovations at a large trauma center in Western Massachusetts. She received her Master's degree from the University of Connecticut as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Most recently served as Coordinator of the RN to BSN Offsite studies program at a private college in Western Massachusetts and now serves as Adjunct Faculty for a Western Massachusetts college.

Jackie Orent-Nathan, ARNP-BC
Southern New Hampshire

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who works as a pain management provider in a large primary care practice. Joined MassPI in 2019 after attending many and speaking at one of the educational conferences. Former member and past president of the Eastern MA chapter of the American Society of Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN). Dedicated to pain management after spending years providing end-of-life care as a hospice clinician. Now, more than ever, we need advocates to provide education to legislators and community to support those suffering with persistent pain. Proud to be a member of MassPI as it works towards alleviating needless suffering.

Karyl Wong, RN
Boston Suburbs – Southwest (Norfolk County)

Semi retired clinical nurse who previously was a charge nurse in a specialty pain clinic, the operating room, and the emergency department. Karyl continues to work part time as a staff nurse as needed. She has attended MassPI educational pain conferences for many years, and in 2016 she joined the Education Council to help plan the conferences. In 2017, she joined the MassPI Steering Council and has been active in learning about new pain treatments and their online presentation for evaluation of adding to the MassPI website. Karyl has a passion for helping people in pain to learn about new treatments and skills to enable them to return to enjoying life with family, friends, meaningful work, and pastimes.

Honorable Mention

The above list of MassPI leaders build on the work of the exceptional volunteer leaders of the past who created, launched, relaunched, and expanded MassPI’s important mission, even through the last decade when the other original state pain initiatives have shut down. One of those retired leaders, Carol Curtiss, MSN, RN-BC, deserves special acknowledgement for her exceptional leadership and contributions to MassPI throughout its history.

Carol P. Curtiss, MSN, RN-BC
Founding Member of MassPI, Past Consulting Chair, Past Webmaster
Retired from MassPI Steering Council
Western MA (Franklin County)

Carol was involved in the original short-lived Massachusetts Pain Initiative and she was one of the original founders of the reactivated MassPI in 1999 after several years of inactivity. She was one of the key leaders of MassPI until her retirement in 2017. Carol served on the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives (ASPI), the national organizing board. She was named a special lecturer for ASPI in 2003, and she received ASPI’s Distinguished Service Award in 2008 for her numerous contributions to MassPI and ASPI. Carol was a clinical nurse specialist in independent practice, an internationally recognized speaker, educator, contributor to professional peer-reviewed journals, leader in multiple professional national nursing associations, and a frequently sought participant in leadership projects to develop and promote improved standards of care in pain management, oncology, cancer survivorship, palliative care, and end-of-life care.

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