As part of MassPI’s commitment to reducing the suffering from needless pain, we periodically conduct surveys in Massachusetts to learn more about how pain is experienced and treated in the State. We use this data to increase the awareness of the magnitude of the pain problem in Massachusetts through our legislative, professional education, public awareness, and communications (web and media) activities. Although this survey was conducted in 2010, to MassPI's knowledge, more current surveys have not been conducted.

MassPI's 2010 Chronic Pain Survey found that chronic pain is a problem for one in four Massachusetts adults. Minorities and the poor are especially affected by pain

This survey was a random digit dial telephone design conducted in February 2010 on a general population of Massachusetts adults living with chronic pain. Chronic pain was defined as within the past two years having experienced pain on a fairly regular basis for at least three months. For the first time, an additional sample of minorities was added to this pain study to ensure the minority sample size was robust enough for statistical analyzes across multiple variables compared to non-minorities.

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